Gr1m_R34p3rzz introduction carrd
Black Artist/Editor
(Currently) Minor (16, Dec 8th 2006)(2023)

☽- Grim
☽- Macaque/Mac☽-Phade/Panther⋆- Marshadow⋆- Jamie⋆- Van/Vanity


☽- 6-eared Macaque (LEGO Monkie Kid) (Fictionkin)☽- Licorice Cookie (Cookie Run Kingdom) (Fictionkin)⋆- Redson (LEGO Monkie Kid) (Kin)⋆- Omori/Sun (Omori) (Kin)⋆- Professor Venomous (OKKO) (Kin)⋆- Espresso Cookie (Cookie Run Kingdom) (Kin)⋆- Lotus Dragon Cookie (Cookie Run Kingdom) (Kin)⋆- Raphael/Donatello (TMNT/ROTTMNT) (Kin)⋆- Albedo Kreideprinz (Genshin Impact) (Kin)⋆- Qiqi (Genshin Impact) (Kin)
And more!! (Ask!)
Note: I use the term fictionkin because i don't like the term IRL, but i do heavily see myself as both Macaque and Licorice Cookie.

DNI--------------------☽-Basic DNI(Homophobes, transphobes, racists, etc)☽- Macaque + Licorice Simps/Haters (Some moots are exceptions)☽- Proshippers/Comshippers☽- Shadowpeach antis (it's not a proship, we aren't brothers nor are we the same person. If you dislike it that's fine, but don't come at ME for liking it.)☽- Inkypages, Peachynoodles/Plumsynoodles, and Shadowpuppet Likers⋆- If you think blackwashing exists⋆- Danganronpa and MHA Likers (Moots are exceptions)⋆- If you disrespect boundaries/don't respect triggers.

Interact!!-----------------☽- LEGO Monkie Kid fans☽- Black Artists/Editors☽- shadowpeach enjoyers☽- Undertale/Deltarune Fans⋆- LEGO Ninjago fans⋆- Omori Fans⋆- TMNT/ROTTMNT Fans⋆- Chimera/Spicynoodles enjoyers⋆- OKKO Fans⋆- SOME Cookie Run Fans⋆- FNAF Fans⋆- SOME JJBA Fans⋆- BATIM Fans⋆- SOME Genshin Impact Fans

more info about me/byi:- I do occasionally make sexual/dark humor jokes (not the blatantly racist or homophobic kind), but I wont make them around you if you're uncomfy with that type of stuff.- I do say slurs I can reclaim sometimes- I have mild trypophobia (Fear of holes)- abandonment and trust issues baybee lets goo (among other stuff)- I roleplay! (not weird stuff.) feel free to dm me on discord (you will have to friend me though.) gr1m_r34p3rzz#9567- I do commissions!! also contact me in discord for those- check out my emoticon emotions chart because thats how I express how I'm feeling :thumbs_up: